Skaneateles is a fascinating, gorgeous Village located on the North end of Skaneateles Lake.  The popularity of this village accelerated extremely during the Administration of President William Jefferson Clinton.  Bill Clinton and his wife Hillary vacationed in Skaneateles while Mr. Clinton was President.  During that time the Secret Service would move in and totally secure Skaneateles.  The Clinton' s enjoyed eating in the various Resturants, relaxing by the lake at thier lakeside , posh accomadations, boating, attending the New York State Fair, and mingling with the locals.  People were lined up on both sides of the street , 10 rows deep for a 2 mile stretch through the main street to get a glimpse of the Presidential motorcade.  The price of Real Estate increased significantly not long after the visits.


    Skaneateles is known as the crown Jewel of the Finger Lakes.  It is the Eastern gateway to the Finger Lakes yet only a 25 minute drive to downtown Syracuse and Syracuse University.  It is one of the cleanest Lakes in the country.  It is 18 miles long and 300 feet deep. The dazzling waterfront homes are some of the finest in the world.  Prices for some of these homes can be as high as 20 million dollars.  One visit to Skaneateles usally is enough to convince people that the beautiful, clean, stimulating enviornment, is hard to beat.


Exit First Realty has an office right on the Northend of the lake. Our agents pride themselves as the top experts for homes and commercial properties in the entire Towm of Skaneateles. Stop by and visit us as you enjoy an expansive view of one of the most gorgeous bodies of water anywhere.  Happy web surfing!!!!


Joe Viscomi, President


Exit First Realty